The Story of a Ministry of Truth Employee

cutscene ld37

Delve into the Orwellian world of 1984 as an employee in the Ministry of Truth. The game combines the expansive backstory of the best novel ever created, 1984 and the awesome gameplay of Papers Please in one ultimate game.

This was a compo made for Ludum Dare 37 so maybe don’t expect quite that much.



Station 5


Station 5 is a game where you play as 1 firefighter in a team of 4. You have to work together to complete missions which means everything from packing the firetruck, driving to your destination and finally putting out the fire.

This game was made in a month in Seattle as part of a school trip.

More can be found on:

The Transmogrifier


You play as a wizard with a newly obtained transmorphing power. You have to use this power to get through a dungeon filled with only the most wretched and evil of monsters. You will face slimy blobs dragging their gross entrails across a dirty, cold stone floor. You will meet skeletons with no other purpose than to guard their home and kill any invader on sight. Stay out of their sight at any cost if you want to survive! Only the wizards who possess the utmost speed and/or wit will be able to get through these rooms of horror! So what will you do?

You can go the stealth route and finish off your opponents with environmental attacks or you can go guns blazing and shoot everything.


Houdini Plumbing


You’re locked in a basement filled with leaking pipes. Alone in the dank, dark cellar room you are left with a choice. Will you die? Or will you plumb?!

Levels are made up of a bunch of pipes which water flow through. Turn off all the valves to stop the water from rising but beware for turning off 1 valve will change adjacent valves.

This was my first Nordic Game Jam!



Today is coronation day and yvr_king_presentationou are the newly appointed reagent! Experience an awesome virtual reality game where you interact with the world around you using motion controllers. You’ll be drawn into the experience and in your new role as THE KING. Use your power to control people, whether with good intentionsimg_20160131_144139 or for your cruel desires. You’ve got a lot to do, so don’t waste any more time! It’s not every day that you get to be THE KING.

This was my first Global Game Jam!