Are you nuts? Games aren’t developed in a month!

And I told the nay-sayers, “Nay! They are developed in 48-72 hours.” Once their confused expressions had faded away, I explained.

I’ve been making video games for 3.5 years now and for some reason I have nothing to show for it. See, my theory is, that my compulsive game-jamming obsession has left me as a shell of my former self. Along with the constant source of dopamine, that is the internet, they have drained me for every last drop of endurance and persistence!

It’s high time I strike back! I’m gonna work on one game for an entire month. Too long have I started projects, raised them, cared for them, only to gut them and leave them for dead behind a taco bell dumpster at 3 o’clock in the morning.

So, what better time to start than tomorrow?… No! I’m not gonna cave to this ever-growing thirst for endless youtube-kittens. I’m gonna make a game! Prepare for more updates coming soon.


1 game a month is a game development challenge, which, funny enough, challenges you to develop a game a month.

Anyway here are links:
1GAM twitter (#1GAM)
1GAM website

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