LD39 Day One: The Something

T Minus 3 hours: The Beginning of Something
Jam starts at 3 am local time, and as much as I’d love to fuck up my sleep schedule and start jammin’. This LD will be a team effort, and the idea didn’t exactly please my better half.

Shortly after waking at 6 am, I went down for breakfast- some pros to living with your parents after all. I had of course already glared the theme, which was, surprisingly, not shit. I came up with a few ideas on paper as I sipped down a cup of coffee. A ray of optimism, that I haven’t felt in a long time warmed my heart.

I had about 10 ideas when I left the table, but I had already picked one. It was a somewhat fluffy idea, but I had a feeling it’d work pretty well…

T Minus 5 hours: Fleshing out the Something
At 8 am my partner in crime woke up. She seemed to be okay with my idea, she was too tired to tell, buuut it’s what we’re doing now, so cant be that bad.

Over second breakfast we came up with some more ideas, and my simple concept was beginning to look like something. Multiple enemy types, more uses for weapons, ideas for bosses and stuff. Oh boy, suddenly my paragraph had turned into 2.5 pages of scribbles.

We were gonna need a minimum viable product. What’s the least we can do, without getting embarrassed at submission hour. We decided that we needed at least: A player, a gun (that can charge/discharge), outlets and some enemies. 

T Minus 15 hours: MVP
It’s 6 pm as I’m writing this, which means that, for me, the jam has been on for 12 hours. So what did I do with all those hours? Surprisingly little, but I did manage to do something, which is more than my girlfriend can say. Jests aside we did pick an idea, that could only become difficult on the art side. Our game includes a lot of movement and jumping around. This means that the animations need to be on point to capture that game-feel, we all love so much.

The minimum viable product, or MVP for short, is finished, and we have the basic foundation to build the game upon. So far it checks out. Even though I’m using placeholder sprites, the game already feels fun to move around, which means that we at least have the potential to make a fun game. And this is how it looks so far:

T Minus 22 hours: Defeated and sleepy
“What if we thought about something entirely different”. Those are the words you don’t want to hear at the end of a long day of jamming. Boy. So, it’s the usual mistake. Pick an idea, that sounds good at a surface level, and without second thought, begin development. So, to be clear, we’re not giving up yet, but our game will have to take a drastic turn. We have begun shaping a new game from the ashes, which we’ll continue resurrecting tomorrow, after a good nights sleep. I’ll leave you off with a crude animation, which’ll probably be final, because I’m tired.

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