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Who am I? I’m just some random 19 year-old idiot, who decided not to go to university, so he could pursue an unreachable dream of being a decently-successful indie game developer in a market of infinite trash. Well you somehow stumbled upon this site, so I guess its not completely hopeless? This is just the kinda fleeting glimpses of success, that I thrive upon.

Anyway, I love storytelling in all mediums. I’ve written short stories, screenplays and tried my best to halfheartedly shove a story into any game I make.

My goal is to make video games. Now, I’ve made video games before, but only at game jams. Anything else I do, I always end up leaving in the eternal abyss of my monstrous hard drive. Basically, I have commitment issues. This year (2017-2018) I’m gonna fix that. To help me on my way there I’ve decided to join 1 Game A Month, which challenges you to make 1 game a month, duh. Let’s see how that goes…

Edit. I’m now 20 and I made a game! Gonna start working on a bigger project. Let’s see how that goes…

Edit. I’m now 21 and working on Codename Hackerman, which is going great :).

Edit. I’m now 22 and finally started university at ITU. Also I had to scrap Hackerman, because the design was broken :(.

Edit. I’m now 23 and just came back from Korea. Also Gus & I are working on a PSX-style car game and everyone loves it!

2013-2014: Højer Design Efterskole (grades)
2014-2017: GameIT College (grades)
2017-2017: Mathematics A (grades)
2021-2021: Hanyang University (grades)
2019-2022: IT University of Copenhagen

2015(3 mos): Internship at Zaxis
2017-2018(11 mos): UI Designer and Programmer at Invisio
2018(4 mos): UI Consultant for Invisio
2018(4 mos): Teaching Assistant at NNY (Unity/C#/JavaScript)
2021(4 mos): Teaching Assistant at ITU (Grundlæggende Programmering)

    (That’s me)

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