Munchy Mammals Mobile Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to playing circloO on Munchy Mammals. If you’re playing a different version of the game, please see the privacy policy of the site you’re playing on and in-game.

Your privacy and personal data is very important to us and limited personal data is collected when you play Munchy Mammals.


If you use the remove ads version of Munchy Mammals, no ads are shown and no data is collected.

To support Munchy Mammals and future games, I use ads from various providers.

One of these providers are Unity Ads. They may use some of your data, like your IP address, device identifiers and which of their ads you watch, to personalise ads. They may also share this data with some ad publishers and attribution companies as described in their privacy policy. You can always opt out from personal ads. Please see their privacy policy here for more information about the data they collect and on how to opt out. If you’re in the EU, Unity Ads should give you more information and give you the option to opt out from personalised ads before you see the first ad. There’s also an info button on each ad that can give you more information.

You may also see ads from AdMob, a Google company. You can see the Google privacy policy here. The following data may be collected for AdMob:

  • IP address, which may be used to estimate the general location of a device.
  • Non-user related crash logs, which may be used to diagnose problems and improve the SDK. Diagnostic information may also be used for advertising and analytics purposes.
  • User-associated performance data such as app launch time, hang rate, or energy usage, which may be used to evaluate user behavior, understand the effectiveness of existing product features, and plan new features. Performance data may also be used for displaying ads, including sharing with other entities that display ads.
  • A Device ID such as the device’s advertising identifier or other app-bounded device identifiers, which may be used for the purpose of third-party advertising and analytics.
  • Advertising data, such as advertisements the user has seen, may be used to power analytics and advertising features.
  • Other user product interactions like app launch taps, and interaction information, like video views, may be used to improve advertising performance.

AdMob ads may be personalized, based on your activity in other apps. For this, they use an anonymous identifier, which you can reset on your device. You can opt out of this here.

You may also see ads from Facebook Audience Network. You can see their privacy policy here. These ads may be personalized, but only if you signed in to Facebook on that device and gave Facebook permission for this (source).

We believe we have legitimate interest for the limited data that is collected for non-personalized ads, as ads are a vital part of our monitization strategy. Within the EU, we always request consent before showing any personalized ads. If you’re not in the EU, but still would like to opt-out of personalized ads, please see the links above.


Your personal data is not processed other than as described above.

If you have any questions, you can contact me here.

This privacy policy has been last updated on November 21 2023.

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